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Hey guys!!! So I have been reading peoples' blogs and let me say... I truly love some of them!!! SO I iam going to make this blog about some of THE best blogs ever made!!! If you want to surprise your friend by making them a blog, and you need some help... tell us to post it on this blog in the comments and we will put YOUR blog in our blog lol you will get credit ^_^!!!







Puchoo's Blog:


We can drive away, into the light, never look back...

You put a flower in my hair everyday, tell me I am beautiful...

We say that life is a rollar coaster... I say Life's a Ferris Wheel slowly rising and slowly falling, but the whole way around you're with the ones that are dear to your heart...

Everywhere I go, I take my camera, to keep memories fresh forever, so that they live on...


People have asked where we have been... it's easier to say where we haven't, we follow the road and go wherever life takes us...

Time will p by, one day we will all be gone... but forever you will remain etched in my heart

                    -Ankita (ORIGINAL)






TillTheEnd's Blog:


"Don't be afraid,close your eyes. Let me take you places That you've never been tonight. I thought by now you'd realize, i can do anything i put my mind to."





Hello Lovelys Im Haylee! Im 14 Turning 15 (Hard To Believe!) Well.. I Was born December,5!


Im Single:( I Live In Maryland but I was Born In England Im weird:P I Have Dimples,Braces, And Glses. I Am In A Family With 5 Kids! Katelynn(3Months), Maddison(13)ME(14/15)Alex(17)and Alexs Twin Garret(17)! Im Bffs With Kaylie And Her Family!I Talk Frend And Some Spanish!  Buh Bye My Loves!



 Don't listen to the haters, they're jealous because you're doing what they can't< 333



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